"For the only way in which a durable peace can be created is by
worldwide restoration of economic activity and international trade"

James Forrestal

First United States Secretary of Defense.

About Trade 4 Peace

Supporting the development of ethical trade together with peace in strengthening international relations.

Trade 4 Peace (T4P) is an imperative initiation of "World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)” to build trade harmony by breaking down Silos of trade to innovate opportunities for establishing interdisciplinary approaches on leveraging the multilateral trading system and security to develop a fair trade cycle to strengthen our world economy and peace.

Trade acts as a catalyst to capitalize on global opportunities and Global peace is an ideal form of freedom, peace, harmonious atmosphere, & happiness. This initiative ensures to inculcate a culture of peaceful coexistence and mutual relations between numerous corporations from various sectors all over the world.

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About Dr Abdul Basit Syed FRSA

Founder of World Humanitarian Drive, who has been the pioneer of this initiative


Trade 4 Peace is a project initiated by Dr Abdul Basit Syed FRSA to build trade harmony and enhance Britain´s image globally as a trade capital for harmonious investment opportunities.

Dr.Abdul Basit Syed, is a British Indian Global Peace Activist, Writer and Entrepreneur living in Croydon, U.K. He holds senior positions in various global organisations. He is accredited with Peace, Education, Trade harmony initiatives globally. His services to humanity have its history of nearly two decades.

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(T4P) Nexus between trade and peace

Providing a platform for discussions on the latest developments in world trade.

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(T4P) Private sector in peace building

Bringing significant trade and investment opportunities to the private sector, immersing the private sector into peace building.

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(T4P) is not a new campaign

For centuries during ancient and medieval times, the economic benefit is the primary reason for the conquest of other countries.

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(T4P) Events Aim to Achieve

Familiarise a broader audience with the implications of disruptions in trade and investment for poverty reduction and development.

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Trade 4 Peace declares it's ideology which definitely will ensure a peaceful world

Our Events

Occurrences of various events with the theme of Trade 4 Peace

T4P Media

Various speeches that reinstates the core values of this T4P initiative.

Our Partners

Organizations from across the world that supports our initiative of T4P.